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EA Teasing Rangers' Player for NHL22 Cover? SIKE — It's AM34 Again!


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Gotta be Adam Norris Fox


Was thinking Panarin but Fox is a good option too


So disappointed with what they’ve done to The NHL series the last 5 or so years. World of Chelis alright I suppose but I’m not really an online type guy. Franchise, atmosphere, and gameplay are just stale.


Chel is terrible. World of chel might arguably be the worst part of the game. Kids have learned to glitch and dont even play hockey anymore just do the pass across or those shitty dekes that they score on 99% of the time. Cant even count how many games I will be dominating and the other team just comes down and scores the same shitty goal, over and over again.


But its all we have and I get it to play with friends unfortunately

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Rest of the trailer is Panarin skating away from Tom Wilson, only to be body slammed in the corner 16 seconds later. .. Clip continues, as 3 shifts and stoppages go by and Reaves drops the gloves with some rando Caps player on a faceoff in the offensive zone, while Goodrow chirps from the bench.


End of trailer

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Did they have to black out "Rangers" because they had the PA licensing but not the NHL licensing at that point?


Because if so....fair play to them.


Yup. Same reason advertising requires scrubbing even manufacturers marks.

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