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Adam Fox: Norris Candidate? Adam Fox: Norris Candidate!


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And people complained about sending the 2nd 2nd for him... My god what a fucking steal this kid is. Congrats to him, and to us frankly for getting the opportunity to watch him play lol.


He would have been here this year whether they traded for him or not though.

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if he doesn't win, I'm quitting watching hockey and will be watching Ozzy getting old instead.


Please...At my age, “Getting lucky” means I find my car at the grocery store!!!!


I'm so old, I went to an antique auction and three people bid on me!!! :rofl:

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Perhaps... But he wouldn't have had a year of NHL play under his belt.


This is true, which is why nobody should have a problem with the deal that was made. It was worth getting a head start on his NHL career, even if he'd have signed here anyway 12 months after the trade.

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