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Cleveland to Drop Indians Name


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  • 2 months later...

Naming on this level will undoubtedly include a ton of stakeholder interviews well before they begin the process to gauge the pulse of the community and to help them craft directions in the creative process of actually renaming the club. I think I've told this story here before, but the agency I work for lead the charge for North Dakota's name change from Fighting Sioux to Fighting Hawks years ago and the entire process took over two years to complete because they did it right and sought input and buy in from all relevant stakeholders including students, alumni, faculty, community leaders, and leaders from the Sioux tribe itself.


Cleveland will likely do something very similar.

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There was a baseball team that predated the Indians called the Cleveland Spiders, they could do that to kind of honor Cleveland baseball. The Indians themselves were called the Blues at one time in their history. They probably won't go with either one of those, but I'll be interested to see what they pick.
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So... they're the Angels... Sure looks like Angel wings and I dunno what else a "guardian" would be.


It's a direct lift from their Guardians of Traffic statues that are, by account of Chicago natives, incredibly well-known in the city.






The name is fine. I'm just not a fan of the design execution.

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