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'THE OUTPOST' on Netflix


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  • 4 weeks later...
Now, in time for Veterans Day, a special director?s cut of The Outpost is headed back onto 350 screens across the U.S. on November 11 and 12, featuring a special introduction from director Rod Lurie (The Contender, The Last Castle) and several military veterans who participated in the filming. What?s more, The Outpost?s distributors plan to mount an Academy Awards push for Jones and the film?s screenwriters. ?We worked very hard to make this a large, cinematic experience,? Lurie tells Vulture. ?But Screen Media saw the virtue of the film and said, ?No, July 4 weekend is too significant a weekend to give up.? I think the reviews really propelled it. But this is a prototypical word-of-mouth film, especially among the veteran community.?


As the movie scrambled into production in Bulgaria in early 2018, Tapper introduced the filmmakers to survivors of the Battle of Kamdesh. And the team not only hired veterans to serve as consultants but also enlisted them to appear on camera ? in some cases, autobiographically so. ?Daniel Rodriguez plays himself in the film,? Lurie says, ?and a guy named Henry Hughes plays Brad Larson. He was at that outpost before the battle, then he went to AFI and got nominated for an Academy Award for a short film. So I had a guy with a filmic background helping me on set.? (IMDb Pro reports that the budget for The Outpost was $18 million, but the director and producer insist this figure is incorrect. Although they will not divulge the price tag, Lurie says the below-the-line costs were ?well under? $5 million.?)



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