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Houston, We've Got a Shots on Goal Problem


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This team gives up SOOOO many shots. Between the Colymbus and most recent Washington game, there was like 8 or so posts that were hit. If, not when, we go on a slide, it could be very tough to recover. How does this problem get fixed? Is it the system? Personnel?
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I think it's a combination of a poor defensive system and young personnel. They allow far too many chances from the slot and far too many rebound opportunities. They have the second-most high danger chances against in the NHL with 282 behind only Chicago at 288. They're being carried by goaltending and spurts of offense that leave no room for either to falter.
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Has a lot to do with the wingers not covering their point in the offensive zone. If you watch them in their own zone they're reacting very late to pucks thrown back to the point. Someone like Kakko or Buch stands out in moments like this. They're constantly late to their point. Could be that they're not reading the play fast enough or that they're concerned about leaving the zone to create offense, but a lot of the issues stem from extended periods of time in the D-zone which is due to poor recognition from the wingers.


As Joe said tonight, the Rangers were already flying the zone when the D got the puck and there was no one to make a pass to. This has happened in most of the games this year.


Someone like Kakko, it's expected. But Buch and Kreider and the players that have been here should know better.

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They need to


1) Have the puck more. Biggest reason they give up so many shots is they don’t have the puck enough

2) Shoot the puck more when they have it. I agree they’re trying to be too fine. Put it on goal

3) DENY ENTRIES! They give up their own blue line too easily

4) Win more pucks in their own end! Not doing this enough.


I know it’s an oversimplification, but it’s what they need to do

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