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EA Simulation Has Bruins Winning 2019-20 Stanley Cup


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IMO, NHL 2019 team rankings for East were stronger than West... and there wasn't much difference in the rankings out West. East they loved Columbus and Washington, Pittsburgh and Tampa were close behind.


I'll buy Vegas out West in theory, but I suspect that there is a lot of statistical noise unless they've introduced more spread in rankings.. The 4 teams coming out of the East were 4 of the highest NHL 2019 ranked teams, so that seems to be similar.


Gives a good preview of NHL 2020 for those that might want to purchase.

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This Winnipeg team that makes the playoffs and pushes the Avs to 7 games; really?


The think Joel Quenneville is going to do great things with the Panthers.Less crazy, but still pushing it.


And the Isles making the playoffs?

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