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Kris Knoblauch Named Head Coach of HFD


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Here's a really good article on what he can bring to the position.




Watch how his teams play, his kids play smart, he maximizes their abilities and yet I keep hearing … ‘you know, he might not be the greatest interview (for pro jobs).’ The interview should be how his teams play. Four 50-win seasons in a row and very successful in the Western League before that. He can flat-out coach. He’s adaptable, he knows how to make adjustments as the game’s going on. He’s a great developer and bench coach.
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not sure about knoblauch's ability but saw a nice piece on the Rangers being able to flex their financial muscle without worrying about salary caps in the ahl, in order to build an elite dev program down there. this should have been done years ago.


in other words, Slats should've stepped down years ago

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