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BUF Re-Sign F Jeff Skinner to 8-Year/$72M Extension; $9M AAV


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That’s a biiiiiiiiig ticket. I feel like they had to give it to him to even be competitive. Crazy how that team had such a good wi. Streak and then ranked so hard. I think if they can figure out some consistency they’ll be better and at least this is a signal that they’re gonna try and be better. But jeez. That’s a very big ticket for a guy who hasn’t consistently done it in his career and has never played in the playoffs
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They may regret that deal as soon as next season.



I’d be very nervous about that deal if I’m buffalo. They need to become a playoff team fast if they want to get the best out of him. If I’m two years they still haven’t made it do you think he’s gonna want to continue playing at the level he has shown for a team that isn’t progressing?

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4 goals in 25 games to close out the year :thumbs:
Who on the team was playing well at the end of the year?


Again we confuse bad player with player playing bad hockey.


He's an automatic 30 goal scorer. I don't like the term, but the dollars are fair.

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The inscription on Buffalo's announcement was "Here to Stay!" I'll say. This reminds me of Dany Heatley, for whom losing a step was difference between being a big scorer and a non-entity.


Brett hull was a Stanley cup winner at 49 years old and hasn't skated in yeara. It's about adapting - absinthe to happen every season to stay a top player in the league

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