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Rangers Re-Sign F Steven Fogarty to 1-Year/$708K Extension


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I wonder why some of these guys don't play overseas to make better money.


a lot of foreign leagues limit the number of foreign-born players on a team. so it limits the chances.


A guy like this, if he finds the perfect spot, might make slightly more. But is it worth is to completely uproot, move to Sweden or Russia, for who knows what, or stick it out, closer to family/friends in the AHL with hopes to getting into an NHL game or two.

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You won't make much more than 70k/US a year playing in a Euro League that Fogarty would get an import spot in. No way Germany pays more than that.


I know some bigger name AHL guys that made 100K plus in Austria, then BHL, then back to AHL for a bit more than 2nd and 3rd tier Euros pay.


One buddy played in Hartford during lockout year, got 100,000k US plus a lightly used BMW X3. No jokes.

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