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If Friends and Seinfeld Were Rebooted, Who Would Be the Trump Voters?


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Kramer had a rant.


Chandler (?buttoned up?) and Monica

Rachel (rich)

Chandler no, dad is a tranny.


Monica probably but then she loses Mexicans that work in her restaurant.


Rachel isn't rich. Not sure about her but her dad def would.

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Oh I get it, the dumb fuck are the Trump people and the cultured, enlightened people are not. Very clever.


There's nothing enlightening about Chandler or Rachel or Monica, etc. Have you seen Friends!?


Monica lost her rent controlled apartment to Chandler and Joey playing a GAME.



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And Hillary STILL is NOT president [emoji38]:D:cheers::happy::clap::m::pbjtime::happy::deadhorse:
And Trump is still a moron and embarassmemt to the office he colluded with Russians to steal. And he looks like a flaming hot Cheeto.


What's that have to do with Seinfeld or Friends?

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