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Rep Bet: 2017-2018 Rangers Finish


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As exciting as it has been to watch Spooner, Georgiev, Pionk, and other Rangers getting more ice time, figured I'd come up with another reason to watch.


Rep bet, with the user with the LOWEST score (totalled from the 3 categories) getting the win (and rep added to their user name).


1. Number of points the Rangers finish behind the 2nd wild card spot in the East, the last playoff spot (0 points for getting the exact total, 1 point for every point away from the correct total).


2. Identity of the 2nd wild card team (0 points for getting the right team, 1 point for each position away from the 2nd wild card the team you picked finished).


3. Final standings point total, where they compare to the rest of the NHL - 1st would be dead last, 5th would be 5th worst point total, 31st would be the President's trophy winner


Remaining schedule (11 games): at STL, vs CBJ, at PHI, vs BUF, vs WSH, at WSH, vs TBL, at CAR, at NJD, at NYI, at PHI


Current standings:

3rd place Metro: Philadelphia (81 pts, 11 games left)

1st wild card: Columbus (81 pts, 11 games left)

2nd wild card: New Jersey (80 pts, 12 games left)

Florida: (77 pts, 14 games left)

Carolina: (71 pts, 12 games left)

Rangers: (71 pts, 11 games left)

Islanders: (70 pts, 12 games left)

Montreal: (64 pts, 11 games left)


Overall standings:

13. St Louis (79 points)

12. Florida (77 points)

11. Carolina (71 points)

10. Rangers (71 points)

9. Islanders (70 points)

8. Chicago (68 points)

7. Edmonton (65 points)

6. Montreal (64 points)

5. Detroit (63 points)

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