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What Does it Take to Get Jonathan Drouin?

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heard Pierre on hockey sirius this morning.


The Habs have issues. They have big money tied up in Price and Weber, both of which have health issues and age against.


Drouin while 22, is under contract for $5.5mln (according to Pierre). Currently he is playing out of position at the C.


had me wonder if there is something for the Rangers to explore. Montreal is in dire need of help down the middle and we have quite a few prospects there. Could a deal be made for 1 of our young C's and a draft choice to get him here. Believe he'd look good playing with Zibby or Namest.


i know he's had some personality issues in Tampa but in my mind he could be a great piece to add on a modest contract that would fit the mold of rebuilding on the fly.






P.S. Maybe Gorts could get a U.S. dman throw in coming back....

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obviously the guy's maturity is an issue, no disagree there. but guys mature at different times in their career and believe the skill set is there that the rangers are looking for.


I was listening too. Imagine, having Price STARTING a 8 year record setting contract next year! They have problems.


Back to your question... he is definitely a winger and has an impressive set of skills. On the downside, definitely not a C, criticized for not going near the boards and shying from contact, hasn't developed as a scorer. I don't love his game and thought it was genius for Yzerman to get Sergachev for him. Interesting idea. However, with Spooner and Zuc and Buch/Vesy/Fast if we are going to pay a premium for a top end wing, he needs to score.


He is not gonna rack up goals the way a Laine or Kuch does, nor like Stone or Matt Tkachuk. He would more be in the mold of Ehlers or Marner, but not playing or producing near that level. He is not tracking to his draft expectations. Kinda prospect you only want at a discount, until he shows a little more.

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