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Quick Hits: Priming the Pump (and Dump)

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Righteous Indignation


Brendan Smith has every right to be seething at the NHL, or more specifically the Department of Player Safety, in the wake of being the victim of a vicious headshot from Los Angeles Kings forward Kyle Clifford this past week.


Mobile link: https://twitter.com/FitzyGSN/status/955288998724952064?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fnypost.com%2F2018%2F01%2F23%2Frangers-defenseman-seething-at-nhls-indifference-to-dirty-hit%2F


“I’m still shocked that nothing has happened,” Smith told The [New York] Post. “I think those kind of hits are what we’re trying to get out of the game. That’s what we’ve been harping on. So I don’t understand what’s going on at the moment. To me it’s a clear target of the head.”


This type of inaction is a prime example of why the CBA’s mandate that an injury on the play heavily factors into the decision to apply supplemental discipline or not, and it needs to be collectively bargained out at the next negotiations. The practice is one that may have made some sense on paper when it was agreed to, but has proven impractical, if not utterly backwards, in reality – as the Clifford-Smith collision proves. After all, would we be having this conversation had Smith been concussed on the play? Or instead would we be debating the length of Clifford’s suspension?


If the NHL wants these types of headshots out of the game, then do so by legislating heavily against them, regardless of whether the victim gets up off the ice right away or not.



Crash Corsi


Mobile link: https://twitter.com/ChartingHockey/status/956168913615716353

Yeah, we know, it doesn’t tell the whole story. But when you’re sharing the kind of company in shot share (a user-friendlier term for corsi) that the Rangers are this season, is it any wonder finding believers in their Cup chances is so difficult?


And before you suggest there’s no correlation between shooting attempts and playoff success, think again:


Mobile link: https://twitter.com/HockeyStatMiner/status/955927964935483393



Blowing it All Up?


No doubt, the prospect of moving on from fan-adored, tenured veterans like Mats Zuccarello and Ryan McDonagh would represent the kind of shock and awe the Rangers haven’t experienced since Brian Leetch was sent packing all those years ago. But lost in the commotion of what those deals might look like is a bigger question on whether or not “blowing it all up” applies to the coaching staff, as well?


Mobile link: https://twitter.com/Cleared4Contact/status/957009189766869004



The Cult of Personality


Speaking of impactful personas, if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch P.K. Subban’s appearance on The Daily Show this week, take a moment. It’s worth every minute of your time. If you actively choose not to, that’s fine, too. Let’s just also preemptively agree that the next time someone suggests Subban should be the face of the league, you’ll keep quiet, yeah?


Mobile link: https://twitter.com/TheDailyShow/status/956578275689672704



Other topics in this week’s Quick Hits: Cody McLeod and his year-in-the-making job application with the Rangers, Rick Nash trade talk, Ryan McDonagh finally scores, and more.


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PK Subban is fantastic. Without a doubt he is and should remain one of the focal points of the NHL. Besides this incredible program that he is running, the $10 million pledge for the Montreal children's hospital is completely amazing. One fantastic human being that is blessed to be talented enough to make a difference.
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Not to detract from the thread, but speaking of PK......this is one of the most heart felt, coolest things I've seen in the NHL...The guy's a great player and a solid dude!



How I would kill to have this guy on the Rangers.....

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Ah. The classic "too much personality" complaint from the crusty white folk.


Was hanging out with a bad crowd that compelled him to ...donate millions to a childrens' hospital. . Hated the diving, but a good guy and a great player.

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They had a big chance to sign him for much much less $. They hated that they passed on the opportunity, rejecting PK's longterm ask and short termed him. PK then puts up a career year and makes bank. Now they wanted him to be Bobby Orr every night and put under a microscope. The trade seemed to be their way to forget about the whole ordeal. They thought they were getting an almost equal, but more mature (less controversial personality) player.


My opinion, they forgot the upside with the younger player and the likely descension with the mature player.

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Yup. Could have had him at 5x5. Balked. Forced him into a bridge deal. He wins the Norris. Habs can't wipe the egg off their fast enough. Begrudgingly sign him to his big money deal after taking him to what was reportedly a contentious arbitration. The rest writes itself.
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^^^ Thanks for filling in the details. +1


And it was a contentious arb too. Wanted to mention it. The honeymoon was over. Especially when they sided with that goofy coach when everyone thought it was he who would get canned. They make too many bad decisions.


Can we make another trade with Montreal? Please.

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With Bergevin's history of making awful deals, I'd love to fleece them for something.

But who do you target?

Do we want Patches, Gallagher, or Galchenyuk?

You want a 30 year old Petry for the right side?


Only Gallagher would interest me. Galy can not be trusted on or off the ice. MaxPac is older and still would cost too much in both cap and assets.


Phillip Daneault might be of interest in a minor trade, he's pretty good and getting better. But they are gonna be sellers and keep Gallagher and Daneault. They don't have many attractive prospects. They have 2 Dmen. Juulsen could be a good RHD in another year or so, and Victor Mete is a 19 y/o LD who has impressed.


How about they get McD back? Maybe we could fleece them out of their 1st rounder this year and have another lottery shot at Dahlin. Or Brady at #4.


McD for Gallagher, their 1st and one of the Dkids our scouts like best.

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