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Kucherov Blasts Lightning After Missing Playoffs


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Wednesday, Kucherov shared his frustration with Sovietsky Sport about not making the playoffs in an epic rant, and as per the Tampa Bay Times, here's the translation:


?Some guys overstayed in team. They?ve got their money and stopped working. They knew there?s no competition for their positions and the organization is not going to take someone else. They played not really well this year. You can see it in their stats and way of play. When we played together and I made a pass, they even were not expecting this. That?s why this season was hard for me despite good stats.


?We had great chemistry with [Vladislav] Namestnikov and [steve] Stamkos at the start of the season. We understood each other really really well. And then Stamkos was injured, I was very upset. I think those nine games were my best in the NHL. After that coaches started shuffling lines. Partners were changing like in a kaleidoscope. It was very hard to get used to it, because guys didn?t play at Stamkos level. It?s hard to explain how I played with them. We had a lack of understanding of each other and there were some problems. I was suffering torments all season, because I couldn?t find perfect chemistry with other partners after Stamkos injury. We played with Jonathan Drouin once, and it was good. But coach didn?t put us together again for some reason.?


Feel free to guess who Kucherov is talking about teammate wise in the first paragraph because we're not going to.





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I really wonder who he is talking about.


I'd say Johnson/Palat, but both of them are due for a contract this year. Maybe Killorn? But they were never really on a line together.


I was just reading the pointy boards and Killorn seems to be the consensus. Apparently they played together in the beginning of the season before Stammer's injury, but this is all un-sourced and speculated. lol.

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I don't think there is any love lost between the players and Yzerman on that team.


Glad they missed the playoffs. Maybe wipe that smug smile off the coaches face.


Wonders when cally will go before management and throw him under the bus.


Why would Cally do that?

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