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Hurricanes' Peters Rips Lack in Lengthy Tirade

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"Well, you?ve got to push,? Peters said, according to The News & Observer's Chip Alexander. ?One guy has played 10 games. Eddie has played 10 games and was poor in his last outing, let?s not kid ourselves, right? There were 16 shots, four went in. Not good enough. You look at his numbers in the league, they?re not good enough."


Peters' comments came in response to a question about how the Hurricanes' final 22 games would be split between Lack and starter Cam Ward.


?So I don?t think it?s much of a competition," Peters added. "We?ve got a guy who?s well ahead of the other guy. That?s what I see and the numbers back that up. So when he gets in another game, you better play. You better earn some respect from your teammates. Your teammates are out there working their bag off. You better get some saves and a timely save at the right time wouldn?t hurt."


He then punctuated the media session with a stern ultimatum, according to Alexander:


Peters ended the media scrum by glancing down the hallway, in the direction of Lack?s locker stall, and saying, 'Make a save.' Or something like that. There was another word in there but the point already had been made: the coach was not happy with the player.





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I mean, that's bullshit... You don't think Lack knows he's been dog shit? If he doesn't play another game, he'd know exactly why. Screaming "make a save" is beyond insulting. The Hurricanes' problems go beyond goaltending and for the coach of a TRASH team to pile on the backup goalie is cowardice. Dude should be fired in my opinion.
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