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Gamecenter v Center Ice


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I've actually moved away from NYC to Florida, and thus, no MSG :(


Therefore, I need some way to watch my Rangers games!


I was wondering what peoples' experiences have been with Gamecenter and Center Ice. Is one better than the other? I know CI has had some issues with not providing games in HD in the past - is that still a thing?

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I love gamecenter over center ice. The years I had centre ice it was not in HD. I'm not sure if that has changed for Comcast Philly area I don't think it has


Gamecenter is sweet. I use it on my iPhone iPad and laptop. I prefer it on the iPad as I can easily navigate between games and stats and highlights. Games are crystal clear too.


I just re-upped for the 3rd year straight. Very affordable. $131.49 for the season. My flyers/rangers games are blacked out so I have to watch their local feed. NHL network and nbc games are blacked out too. For black out games, shortly after the games all highlights are watchable through Gamecenter.


Well worth the $$$$


Plus you get countless games any night.

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Really curious about this topic as well. I normally just stream the games, but I might be willing to pay for a subscription if it's worth it.

Do the subscriptions include playoffs?


No live playoffs on gamecenter, I think those are all covered by nbc affiliates. You can rewatch games after there conclusion though. (I think a day later)



Look what I'm watching right now :(lol


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I think that is what they are talking about when they say Gamecenter Live. It got rebranded as NHL.tv part way through last year. I've used it for preseason so far and it has been fairly good quality.


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Thanks for clearing that up. I was concerned about the quality of video too, glad to hear its good.

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I subscribed to NHL Center Ice on Directv for years but when I moved I went with Comcast so I decided to try NHL.tv (NHL Gamecenter). This will be the 3rd season I have NHL.tv and I'd never go back to Center Ice. Originally I stayed with Center Ice as the video quality was better and streams on NHL.tv/Gamecenter were a bit hit or miss quality wise. Now, that is not an issue. The video on NHL.tv is broadcast quality HD.


The convenience of having the game on an app allows me the flexibility to watch a game through my Roku player on my television or on my iPad which is great. Being on the west coast games start at 4 pm here so I usually watch the first period on my iPad in the kitchen while I prep dinner. We eat around 5 (which is right around first intermission to about the first few minutes of the second period) I then clean up from dinner while watching the second period. I can then sit down and put the third period on the tv in the living room.


Another great feature is the highlights in the app. I can be watching the game on the tv and if I want to see a goal that happened earlier in the game, I just pick up my iPad and watch the goal there without rewinding on the tv.


At this point, Center Ice just seems old fashioned. NHL.tv is much better imo.

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When I was with Rogers a couple seasons ago, I got GameCentre for free and I loved it. Had no issues with it on my phone, laptop, whichever device I used it with and I could watch postseason games as well (might be because it's free through Rogers, I don't know if you have to pay otherwise). I also let my brother use it and we both could watch games on separate devices at the same time.


I haven't really tried it since it changed to NHL.tv, my brother uses it and says it's fine. I did try it when the changes were new and there were still bugs and I couldn't get it to work for some reason.


As for Center Ice, I haven't used it so I can't comment on that. My understanding is that it's only a subscription through TV provider. I'd prefer to have NHL.tv because of the app, and I used to just Chromecast it to my TV if needed.

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