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Peaky Blinders

I am Scags

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Good sound track Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and Radio Head to name a few that I liked


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The different takes on Red Right Hand are immense. I'm a huge Radiohead fan so anytime they are played I'm a fan (see Ozark episode 1). Soundtrack is just fantastic, fits so well.



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  • Phil changed the title to Peaky Blinders

Wife and I started this like a month ago. It's basically an episode a night if there's no game, so it's taking forever, but really enjoying it. Friend basically said it's Sons of Anarchy on horses instead of bikes. Very similar shows in terms of construction.

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2 hours ago, Morphinity 2.0 said:

peaky blinders GIF

Love this show. I never finished it, but I'll get around to it eventually. The show made me turn subtitles on for Netflix though because I couldn't understand a word they were saying - especially Tom Hardy's character.


Yeah, Hardy's character and "Ahfuh" are so hard to understand lol.


I'm approaching the end of season five. One more to go.

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