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Robert Plant Tears Up $800 Million Contract for Led Zeppelin To Reunite


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The Daily Mirror reported that Virgin boss Richard Branson, a life-long Zeppelin fan, proposed a contract of a 35-date three-city tour that would have made Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones just over $300 million each before taxes. Drummer John Bonham, whose death in 1980 effectively ended Led Zeppelin, would also have been represented through his son Jason, who would have been paid a wage to perform.


Needless to say, the prospective tour would have been the most lucrative for any artist or act in the history of live music, and the Mirror's source says Page, Jones and Jason Bonham all eagerly signed up.



"Jimmy, John and Jason signed up immediately," said the Mirror's source, adding, "It was a no-brainer for them, but Robert asked for 48 hours to think about it. When he said no and ripped up the paperwork he had been given, there was an enormous sense of shock. There is no way they can go ahead without him."


Plant's refusal was absolute, and there is no going back said the report. "They have tried to talk him round, but there is no chance. … His mind is made up, and that's that," said the source.


The failure to agree to the megatour sunk Branson's grandiose plans, which included rebranding one of his Virgin jets as "The Starship" to fly the band to venues in London, Berlin and New Jersey. Branson also offered the band an option to do 45 more gigs in five venues.


Unbelievable. Plant will continue to do all of his side projects as he pleases, but he decides to be the thorn that prevents this from being a thing. I get the apprehension to 35 dates, but why not compromise and do like 5-15?



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the quintessential front man of his day but his voice was gone when he did live aid 30 years ago.


better off listening to the albums.


if i was the other three i'd find a tribute guy that can hit all the notes and go with him. Hell, i'd rather watch page solo anyday of the week over the old tight pants wearing crotch stuffing plant.

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Normally I'd be like fuck him (especially Plant) and these bands with their pissy quarrels, but the guy really can't sing anymore, at least with the same style of Zep 70s songs.


They should honestly go the Journey route and hire a guy who can mimic their songs. Yes Plant has always been the face of Zeppelin, but Paige himself has had a huge following and him alone being a part of any Led Zeppelin reunion would be a tremendously lucrative and popular draw.

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If they're all still British citizens (probably not the case), they might lose the bulk of it to taxes.


That's why the British Invasion happened in the 1960's....their bands needed more $$$ to offset the confiscatory rates (90% I believe) imposed by the British Empire.


And why in the mid 60's Lennon and McCartney make a public offering on their song rights, (later purchased by Michael Jackson).

And it was 98% that the Beatles were taxed, (some super 15% added to them from the previous 83%)

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