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...A day to say thanks!

Ytown Ranger

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...Many people don't know or remember the significace of today (70th aniversay of D-Day), but many young men who showed extreme courage and sacrificed their lives so that we could enjoy the freedom that we take for granted. With that said, I felt obligated today to say thank you and honor the brave servicemen from our country as well as our allies who stormed the beach at Normandy France. The words thank you will never be enough, but they are the only words I can use.


God bless all who have fallen & those few that still remain with us.



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Wow, Scags will love this thread.


I didn't realize today was that day.




...yes 70 years ago today.


I met a fine man 2 years ago who survived landing at Normandy and to this day when he and I speak his eyes well up with tears & his voice crackles when he talks about the friends he lost and the things he saw that day. We can only imagine it, he lived it.

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Not involved in D-Day or that war....


But I have the privilege of sitting down with this gentleman tonight.

(Girlfriend is doing a interview and we will sit and talk after).


Bringing my son, showed him this video and we did some background on him...




Video doesn't go into great detail what he did, Dix comes off very passive in his own actions.

But he had 14 confirmed kills, and up to 25 more.

He also captured 20 enemies.


He was the 1st enlisted member of a special forces unit to ever receive the medal of honor.

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