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Playoff Beards


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You growing one? I'm throwing my gross facial hair in the ring, probably shaving one last time on the 15th. Then hopefully it'll stay gross and patchy for a good 4 rounds of winning hockey!


A bunch of us will grow something.


We actually had "competitions" in the past, but the rules are too restrictive and people stopped participating.

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The rules from the last BSBH Beard Contest, verbatim:


1. No mustaches, goatees, etc. You are allowed to “groom” your beard within reason, but this

is a contest for beards, not mustaches or goatees or any other odd-ball facial hair styles you can

think of. Understandably not everyone can grow the best full beard, but do your best to. Intentional

mustaches, goatees, etc. aren't acceptable.


2. No major cutting. The body of your beard must be as full as you can allow it to be. We understand

that people have jobs and can't look like bushman (if they don't choose to), but a beard's "epicness"

often relies on it's body, which means if you spent a lot of time cutting it's length and volume, you

butcher the idea from the start.


3. Photos are required. It’s not that we don’t trust you, but well, we don’t. This is all based

off an honesty system as it is, so the least we ask is that you document the process for us so we

can actually see it while it’s happening. Prior to each round you will be required to upload a photo

online to post in this thread to update us all on the progress of your beard. At the end of the

Stanley Cup finals your final photo will be uploaded and shared, and that photo will be used to

compete you against the other contestants in the contest to determine the winner.


I'd love to bring it back, but we'd need a decent amount of participants.


We had ten for 2013.

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Should do 2 divisions

1. Rhommy Division

2. Sidney Crosby Pubes Division


Weber Division/Crosby Division was pitched a while ago, but I'd have to kinda see who can grow what well ahead of time to even know who belongs in what.


I don't want guys who can actually grow a beard being like "oh, I'm joining the Crosby division", only to send in some Yeti-photo four weeks in. It isn't fair to the guys who would be in that division because they really can't grow a full one, you know?


It also dilutes what few users we do have participating. If we had ten last year for beards, can we still have ten, plus another six or more for the Crosby?

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http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/04/17/huqa5emy.jpg I could give rhommy a run for his money. I have 2 weddings to attend next month, one of which I'm in so I'm gonna have to shave eventually.



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