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'Captain America: Winter Soldier' Trailer Released

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xmen origins is the first wolverine, right? Because I heard great things about First Class but never got around to seeing it.

Speaking of the DoFP trailer hits Tuesday


First class was great, and yeah it was. The second wolverine wasn't great IMO but not bad either. Much better than any of the first 3 XMen movies or the origins movie.

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I loved the first 2 XMen movies. Third one was too overstuffed with mutants they didnt get to in the first 2 movies


Meh. I know it's always bad to say "the book is better" but the comic book story line they based that story off of was just so good, they really didn't do it justice. It never felt like a fluid storyline and the casting was pretty bad IMO. I know that the same cast will be back for DoFP but I'm still hoping for good things. The problem is the production crew and director that did the first 3 are doing DoFP, so I'm still a bit nervous.

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