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Siddious, Day of Birth Joy!


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I get angry every time I see a Bday thread. I have a million posts, I'm nominated for 4 or 5 awards, I'm personal friends with mods (some more than others), I got birthday wishes from Pete and Phil on my FB page, and yet I never got a birthday thread on BSBH. For the future, my birthday is 2/15. My sources are my mother and father, they'll confirm.


Anyway .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SID !!!! (I didn't mean to steal your thunder)

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I mean, his old username is right there in the title


You said Squid though. Wasn't there someone else on the WBB and the original Bulletin board that was named squid?

I've always thought Siddious was a skinny somewhat hipster looking dark haired fellow. The squid that I remember always hung out with dpig and that crew at Cafe31.

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lol...old yes


But I recently dropped 35 lbs and I'm trying for more.

Sorry that not all of us can handle the 'Vodka only' diet!


u trying to die all healthy and shit?


last time i drank vodka i got pissed and flipped a table at the restaurant.

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