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UK Scientists on Verge of Major Biofuel Breakthrough


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To try to bypass that, John Love from the University of Exeter in the UK and colleagues took genes from the camphor tree, soil bacteria and blue-green algae and spliced them into DNA from Escherichia coli bacteria. When the modified E. coli were fed glucose, the enzymes they produced converted the sugar into fatty acids and then turned these into hydrocarbons that were chemically and structurally identical to those found in commercial fuel.


Quite a move. Praise science!

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Now come the big questions that will dictate whether this breakthrough is a meaningful one or not: what kind of emissions do they produce, especially vs. current fossil fuel, and how efficient are they vs. fossil fuel, ev's or other bio fuels, and how expensive will they be to mass produce?


This discovery could mean exactly nothing if it fails to answer any of those questions in a meaningful way.

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