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'Storage Wars' Star Dave Hester Says Show is Fake, Suing, Report Says


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Dave Hester , one of the show?s cast members, has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the show, according to RadarOnline .


In his lawsuit, Hester is claiming the series is fake, and he says when he made complaints to the network about the staged portions of the show he was fired, Radar reported.


According to Radar, Hester claims show producers plant valuable items in the units to presumably make the show more interesting. The suit also claims the show rigs the bidding process. In one part of Hester?s suit, he goes so far as to say the network paid for one female cast member?s plastic surgery to increase her sex appeal and make her more appealing to viewers.


In the lawsuit, Hester claims the show deceives the public and that he was fired when he tried to question the authenticity of the reality series.




This'll pretty much kill the show, I'd guess. Hester was the main "antagonist" (if that exists, in reality-based shows), and I'm not sure there will be that much interest still generated in the show itself with accusations of it being fake now out. This is the same thing Man Vs. Wild went through, and it really rocked the shows foundation despite being a skewed accusation.

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Never really liked this show. Pawn Stars, Auction Hunters and American Pickers are twice the fun.


I agree with this. I used to watch storage wars all the time on demand but once American Pickers came around I found that more interesting. Out of the 3 shows you mentioned I still like Pawn Stars the most. The Harrison's are likable characters and even if the show is scripted they keep it interesting enough to have me coming back for more every week.

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