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Seinfeld Twitter Account Shows Hilarious Modern-Day Plot Lines


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A new parody Twitter account -- appropriately named @SeinfeldToday -- explores possible plot lines for quirky cast members Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer, if the show was still airing. With shout-outs to Apple, e-books, Kickstarter and more, @SeinfeldToday will remind you how perfect the show was in its heydey and just how much you miss it.


The Atlantic Wire has pinned BuzzFeed sports writer Jack Moore as the man behind the account, with the help of his friend and comedian Josh Gondelman.


"My friend Josh and I were tweeting these last night on our personal accounts," Moore told Mashable. "I thought the idea could be it's own thing."


"I'm a little surprised it took off, but Seinfeld's my favorite thing in the world, so it's cool that other people still like it the way I do," he added.


Some hilarious examples:



Elaine has a bad waiter at a nice restaurant, her negative Yelp review goes viral, she gets banned. Kramer accidentally joins the Tea Party.


Kramer uses Kickstarter to fund a line of dog tasers. "Tasers for dogs to protect themselves. To protect themselves, Jerry! "


Kramer uses grinder to meet new friends, doesn't know it's a gay hook-up app. Jerry refuses to admit he cried on @WTFpod.


George pretends to be vegan to sleep with a woman, but then makes her eggs in the morning. Kramer gets an ebook deal. Jerry has a bad set.
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Almost spit out my coffee with this one, could totally picture it


@SeinfeldToday: Kramer gets lost in the Super Dome on his way to his seats at the Super Bowl. Accidentally knocks out all the lights.


It's amazing how you can just picture his hair flopping along with his body as he looks around in that Kramer stare as he's just done something bad ,then composes himself, starts whistling and walks away, and then trips again on something else.


God I miss that show.

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