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Strippers give lap dances to 16-year olds: End of the World Coming


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Strippers gave teens lap dances at Sweet 16 party in Saratoga County




Just a week after New York's highest court ruled that lap dances aren't art, a Saratoga County boy's 16th birthday party is under investigation after police say strippers gave teens lap dances.


The Associated Press reports two exotic dancers appeared at a Sweet 16 party on Nov. 3 at the Spare Time bowling alley in South Glens Falls, about 50 miles north of Albany. Police were notified after photos published on social networking sites showed the scantily-clad women dancing on top of seated teens, both male and female.


"Several kids at the party got lap dances," South Glens Falls Police Chief Kevin Judd told the AP. "We have a lot of people to talk to."


Officers initially decided no charges were warranted after being told the women were a surprise "bikini gram" sent to sing happy birthday to the teen, the South Glens Falls Post-Star reports. However, the investigation was reopened when racy photos posted on social media sites were later shown to police.


A parent told the newspaper that the birthday boy's mother had organized the party on Facebook and posted or shared the pictures herself.


"I think this investigation is a long way from being complete. There were a lot of people at this event who the police have to talk to," Murphy told the Post-Star. "Even if [texts and photos] are deleted, all of those can be retrieved with a grand jury subpoena."



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Hahaha. Seriously though, police are wasting thier time with this? Sounds like an awesome party and not sure what the damage would be here.


I actually had a short rant about this in my original post, but took it out.

South Glens Falls is a pretty awful place, too.

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