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If you guys ever want to look into cheaper razors. (Those that use manual).


I cancelled my orders because at the time getting 4 carts a month were too much, and I really didn't need 4 in a month.


I just found out that you can set your delivery for every 2 months. 4 carts should be able to last me 2 months.


I loved these razors. For $6, you can't go wrong at all.


I've been using Gillette and shit, and those things get dull pretty quickly and they cost a fortune.

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I was thinking about it. That shave butter was really awesome. I have to check on the prices for that.


I think its like $8 a tube. So it's more expensive relatively speaking. But I'm just gonna think of it as $14 a month for the razors and a shaving cream I like instead of just $8 for the tube. And who knows, maybe the tube will last me more than a month so I can get a new one every other month. I think it's only 6oz. though

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