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'The Muppets' Scores Sequel!


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Walt Disney Studios announced it will developing a sequel to its wildly successful film The Muppets, during the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas on Tuesday.


Thanks to a strong digital campaign that not only revived its brand but also led to huge box office sales, you will be seeing more Muppets in the near future.


Director James Bobin will return to direct the sequel along with co-writer Nicholas Stroller, though lead actor Jason Segal ? who also co-wrote The Muppets ? is not expected to return.



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Dude. Take the time. Trust me. One of the best movies of the year. No joke.


I am psyched to watch it, but its just been to hectic the past couple of weeks. Hopefully I can watch it either this weekend or next weekend. I love the Muppets and love Jason Segal, so I know this is going to be an epic movie.

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