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Can I Change My Username/Handle?


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The answer is 'yes, but'. As in yes, but you only get one change. Ever.


I can't tell you what your name should be, but changing your name from RangersFan1234 to WolvesRule is just plain confusing. Everyone knew you as RangersFan1234. WolvesRule looks like a brand new user.


People know you because of your handle, so if you're someone who's had the same handle for a while, you may want to think twice about starting over.


I'll still change it if you really want it changed, but I will not get into the habit of changing names left-and-right here, so again, understand that if you employ this change, it's forever. I'm not going to be bouncing back-and-forth with people here.


If you have a request to change it, please post it here.



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