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Obscure Rangers (They Played Here?!) Thread


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So with all the doom and gloom going on 'round these parts, I figure now is as best a time as any to do my best to lighten the mood a bit by starting a thread I think a few of you might enjoy.


So here's the idea ? obscure Rangers (calling Greg!). Guys who played here a year or less (or less than 82 games) and were actually photographed in their short time here.


You have to have an image of them to post while in a Rangers jersey. It's cute to name random guys who played revolving door here, but the idea is to get images of them to really bump the nostalgia. The older the images get, the funnier the thread becomes.


I'll start it off with Adam Hall:







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Then "Obscure" isn't the right name for the thread. IMO, obscure would mean little-known...Like "I never knew he played here!"


I mean, Pavel Bure played less than 82 games. Is he "obscure"?


Semantics. "Obscure" is a subjective term. You and I might remember Isbister, but a lot of people may not. Just run with it.

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I prefer "inconsequential".


Like "Phil's opinion is inconsequential."


Nope, because inconsequential would mean they were in fact irrelevant, when many were not. That would allow for guys like Bure, Weekes, etc. to join the ranks because they fit the under 82 game criteria.


Again, this is all semantic.

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