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T.J. Oshie Questioning Returning to NHL Next Season

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  • Phil changed the title to T.J. Oshie Questioning Returning to NHL Next Season

You've got a once in a lifetime, perhaps once ever chance to be on the team in the locker room with the only guy who may ever come close to breaking an unbreakable record, and your answer isn't immediately yes?


I know individual accolades don't matter so much for hockey players, but this one does. This is an outrageous, unbreakable, unthinkable record that literally nobody has ever come close to except one guy, and he's on your team in your locker room. It means more to the game of hockey than winning the cup for Washington does. It's going to be the only thing anyone talks about in the sports world for weeks, and will be in every record book forever. 


Heart of a lion there, TJ. 

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He’s had debilitating back issues for a few years now.


obviously no where nearly on the same level but as someone who has back problems I have basically stopped playing hockey regularly too because it’s just not worth being in pain for a week or two after each game. So I totally get it. 

if that’s true in men’s league I can only imagine what it’s like in the NHL. 

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He's had a great career and there's really no reason for him to go through all that pain for a team that probably needs to rebuild/re-tool.  I could see if they had one more kick at the can, but that team is pretty far from being a Cup contender.


He's got what, one more year left on his contract?

He's won a Cup, and was a really good player pretty much his whole career.  I'm curious to see what he does, but I don't think he has anything left to prove at this point.



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His back injuries are apparently preventing him from even being able to pick his own kid up. He has an Olympic medal, a Stanley Cup, and hit 1000 games — what's left to do? Seems insane to return next season to a Caps team that's almost certainly not going to make the playoffs.

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In addition to that, it's highly unlikely that OV breaks the record next season anyway. After that, Oshie is a UFA. It's highly unlikely that the Caps would bring him back at 39.

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