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NHL Skills Competition '24

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I feel like garbage. So I might as well watch garbage. 


As per usual the ESPN broadcast is a steaming pile of shit. Microphones sound all crackly.  Stupid PK being stupid PK. 


They have a live band on the ice. Player intros are made and this poor band is about to hit their big chorus on a national broadcast.... and ESPN doesn't give a damn. Commercial. Fuck your song kid.  Fuck your exposure. 



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57 minutes ago, Pete said:

Kucherov is a giant cunt. 

Literally came here to post this.


Listen I get it. This thing is such a sham now. It blows. But you know what? People are watching. Fans. Kids. No one is saying this has to be the time of your life, but I don’t know. Give a tenth of a percent? Maybe?


Just a giant douchebag the way he handled himself tonight. Great player, but I’d be embarrassed watching a guy on my team pull that shit.

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Yeah sadly this was almost impossible to watch.  Even the so called draw for a million bucks barely made any of the players care and the energy in the building was flat.  The events were not great and the ESPN coverage was laughably bad-  like embarrassingly so.  It’s very likely this will be the last true all star weekend for a real long time with all the schedule changes the NHL announced today and really it’s probably for the better.  The old days where the all star game, particularly the skills competition had any real draw are all but done.

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I watched it with my kid and he loved it. Even my wife was watching.


Most of the players seem to enjoy it, except for Doucherov. 


This is that moment when people need to realize that not everything is for you. 

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