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Nicklas Backstrom to Step Away From Game Due to Injuries

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Not at all surprising. He's recovering from hip resurfacing surgery. I forget who mentioned it recently, but players do not come back from that process.  I think only a handful who've undergone it have even tried, and basically lasted a few weeks/months before realizing there's no path back.

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I'd guess that some of this is that they're coming back too soon.


I wasn't able to even think about athletics for a year. Took me 3 years to get back on the ice, and even then the surgeon was leery of a fall cracking the bone.


For someone like Kane to be back on the ice already, I know he's a world-class athlete and getting world-class treatment, but bone takes X amount of time to heal, regardless of anything.


The other thing is that I need to get annual blood tests to monitor the metal levels in my blood. The more active I am, the more metal can seep in from wear and tear on the parts. If metal levels get too high, I will need a full replacement (that piece of hardware isn't metal on metal the way mine is), so I wonder if this is just a case of metal levels being raised and needing a full replacement (from which you cannot return to sports).


Hard to say when they don't tell you specifically what his issues are. For me, I'm not in any kind of pain at all, I am on the ice playing 2x a week, coaching 2x a week, and at the gym 6 days a week. I doubt it's a pain thing at all. It's got to be a performance issue (Backstrom has 1 point in 8 games).

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