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26 minutes ago, Cash or Czech said:

Having watched Rebels, I'm really loving it. Also a complete 180 from Andor. Where Andor is the war and the people on the ground in the face of conflict, this really explores the mysticism of the Star Wars universe. 


Yeah, I think that's what I'm really enjoying most about it. I also love the fact that we're literally exploring another galaxy.

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Spoilers for episode 6




Thrawn is being played excellently. The cadence of the voice and inquisitiveness, being well thought out, always having a plan and calculating when new factors come in. LOVE it.


Ezra;s reunion didn't hit as well as I thought it would've. Maybe because of casting? I know Sabine is Sabine and Hera is Hera. But Ezra, maybe it was the voice, just didn't hit home.


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On 9/20/2023 at 2:52 PM, siddious said:

Is it really? I got two episodes in and it just felt like regular Disney-star wars trash. Should I keep watching?

I've been watching with my son.  We just finished episode 5.  It gets better, but it's just ok in my book.  Feel like a Star Wars fanatic will like it better than most, but they will like just about anything associated with Star Wars.

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