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Isles to Wear Fisherman Saturday for First Time in 25 Years


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Stock up on your tartar sauce, because it's time to chant "We Want Fishsticks!"


Why they want to bring the abuse on themselves, I don't know.  I guess it's kind of like blacks calling themselves the N word or gays calling themselves "queer."




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Ah, the Goylundahs break out the old fishticks duds in a listless 3-0 home loss to Carolina.  Although the Islanders were coming off a rousing win over the high flying Devils the night before, they left the ice to far more boos than the Rangers did after their miserable loss to the Black Hawks last week.


Nothing like wearing jerseys that promote the Spano Hex.  In answer to Keirik, I'm not sure what Spano is up to now, but he engaged in other frauds after his Islanders folly, and I believe was cooling his heels in the pokey at one point.

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16 hours ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

Those are ugly as fuck

They have brought them out a few times. The day they traded Leetch they wore those for a game in Boston for 70s night. Was way worse Sather traded Brian Leetch for a bag magic beans and Molson empty deposit bottles than wearing that ugly jersey.

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