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Flyers Confirm Ryan Ellis Will Not Play This Season; Facing Career-Ending Injuries


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1 hour ago, Cash or Czech said:

Poor guy only got 4 games in as a Flyer before all this shit went down. Hope he can heal and live well the rest of his life. Hockey would be a bonus.


Don't count on it. The extent of his injuries are significant:



"I know we've been probably vague with describing the injury. I think we called it multifaceted, which it is," Fletcher said. "There's a psoas (back muscle) component of this, there's a hip component, there's an adductor component. So I'm not sure if you go in and repair one part, it's going to fix everything.


"We're trying to work with trying to get everything back, rehab everything back. I've never heard of an injury like this, it's very complicated. A torn psoas is a very significant injury for a hockey player, a very rare injury. We're doing the best we can and we'll just leave it up to the medical experts."



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My buddy had disc issues with his back from age 32-37. Three back surgeries and a disc replacement later and he is living pretty normal with minor pain comparatively. He left law enforcement to preserve the rest of the quality of his life (wearing that duty belt and sitting in a car for a good portion of your day sucks for back injuries).


With that said, God speed Ryan Ellis; hockey is an awesome game to enjoy from the sidelines when the body can't take the beating anymore. Life is about resiliency and being able to flex. Find a new passion! Feel better sir!

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