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51 minutes ago, RichieNextel305 said:

Window is wide open. Time to capitalize. Got young stars ready to hopefully take the jump. We got stars in their prime ready to continue jumping. We have experience. 

Lets fucking ride baby! Lets ride until we see confetti down the Canyon of fucking Heroes!




And don't forget the best goalie on the planet. 

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2 hours ago, rmc51 said:



Hey, all I’m saying is…this right here is an example of a good hype video: 

Gives me goosies.


I do love me some goosies. Fair enough.


A really great branding agency based out of Philly (Truth & Consequences) just did the Philles hype video. I loved it. You're probably not a fan of theirs, but the video itself rocks:


Actually, not to sidetrack the convo, but @Art Panarini, you should check this out if you haven't seen it yet. I think you'll appreciate it.

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