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Panthers Re-Sign Spencer Knight to 3-Year/$13.5m Extension; $4.5m AAV


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57 minutes ago, Cash or Czech said:

Imagine having $14.5mil of cap space tied up in goaltending

Some contracts don't age well.....and there are others that were never good to begin with. Four goalies off the top of my head deserved franchise $$- Carey Price, Henrik Lundquist, MA Fleury and Andrei Vasilevsky (prolly missing someone) but in other situations budgeting more than 10% of your budget to fill the crease (primary and backup) is too much.

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11 minutes ago, Keirik said:

And if you’re Bob, you’re invoking your NMC and daring them to buy you out instead. 


You are right.  I thought the NMC was expiring, but not until after this year  What a bind they are in!  Perhaps if he knows he's getting dumped at the end of this season he might just say let's get on with it.  If we were to do a thread on worst contract in league history, this would be up there, and unlike many such contracts, everyone thought it was bad from the start.

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