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Cell Phone Shopping

The Dude

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Well I'm switching carriers. Planning on going back to Verizon from At&t. My phone is a mess, it's got scratches and cracks all over the screen.  Her phone is pristine. Both are Galaxy Note 10 +.


I'm looking for a new phone. Looking for durability, good camera, and storage. Im in construction,  so Im pretty rough with my phone. From drops to having it bend a lot while in my pocket, to having it on a cart alongside tools...


In researching I come across a bunch of brand options that I've never heard of. None of which are offered by Verizon. BUT they are available unlocked for super cheap on Amazon and such. 


Some interesting gimmicks on these phones though,  but often such things are too good to be true, and with such an important device, I don't want to entrust things to a phone with no support from a manufacturer.


Anyone ever use phones made by these manufacturers?







Or any other phones. I can't stand cases and find that they collect more dirt and their screen protectors are annoying. Often over priced junk. 


I had a Motorola that was pretty indestructible about 6 years ago. Screen just wouldn't scratch. But it had Bluetooth and wifi issues,  which I can't deal with now since I got  rid of cable. 


What's good otherwise with the regular brands? Pixels aby good? Motorola? No apple. Fuck apple. 


Ps, i thought there was an existing cell phone thread. Couldn't find it. Must not have made the transfer.  




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Motorola had a phone as recent as 6 years ago? 

Hello Moto


in terms of indestructible phones, I think you’re going to find that you just need an otter box case regardless of the phone these days. I have the Samsung s22 Ultra and love it but it was like $1500 so that was nuts to me. I buy a new phone every 5 years depending on how rough it gets treated at work. Camera is top notch though. 

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