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[RS] (#22) Rangers vs San Jose Sharks — Chompin' on These Dubs


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Aaaaaaaand as you guessed, it's that time again, gang!!

........And here are the Top 10 nominees for last night's Ozzy Quote of the GDT, sponsored by Mr. Softy:


13 hours ago, Pete said:

Panarin a god.

Said marriage boot camp sit down felicia GIF by WE tv

To Couture. 


13 hours ago, phillyb said:

In before, "trade him," by Vodka lol


13 hours ago, Cash or Czech said:

Is there a Zamboni driver we can use instead?


13 hours ago, Keirik said:

Probably broke his wrist too punching the wall. 


13 hours ago, Sharpshooter said:

Inject Georgiev and Kinkaid into my veins! That will probably kill me.


13 hours ago, Pete said:

Georgie GAA is a solid GPA


13 hours ago, Cash or Czech said:

Somebody must’ve pissed in Georgie’s cheerios. Are the Canes in the area or something?


13 hours ago, Flynn said:

This kid line couldn’t score on Jenna Jameson


12 hours ago, Bugg said:

Other than...that....how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln? 


12 hours ago, Sharpshooter said:

The team is winning so they're miserable. Oh wait, that's Simon.

...seriously, any one of these could win, but the winning quote for tonight’s GDT goes to: @Flynn, with his evaluation of the "Kid Line".

Let's keep on rolling, guys!!!  Chicago tonight!!

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