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Cutting the Cord. Fuck You Cable and Satellite

The Dude

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So, we are finally at the end of our Direct TV contract.  I enjoyed the service (picture quality,  lack of cutting out),  but it's ridiculously over priced and they constantly take channels away. 

Our option for cable in my area is ONE company and they suck all around. 

Thinking of going with Fubo or MyWIFITV.

What are you all running with? 

I have Netflix, Prime, and HBOmax, but she needs her trash TV of fat people shows and whore housewives. I need my sports..

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use someone elses accounts for Disney+ and Netflix. We have our own Prime. Sometimes we add Hulu for a month or 2, and CBS randomly.


If I was going to switch, I'd just go back to cable. I'm sick of all these different things that have nothing on after having the service for a month.

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