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These Lines Need Work


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I know it's early, but I'm hoping Gallant makes adjustments to all 3 lines.

Start with the Panarin/Strome line.  They have been top 3 at even strength points with also rans at RW for the last 2 years.  Panarin prefers a guy like Fast or Blackwell on the RW to do the dirty work and get the puck back to him.  I think Kakko is wasted in this role, but Goodrow would be the most talented RW he's had on the Rangers.  Goodrow gives the line grit and is the best faceoff guy on the Rangers (you want the puck as much as possible when Panarin is on the ice).  I don't see this line being much better with Kakko over Goodrow, but Kakko's skill will bring balance to the other lines.

Kreider and Zibanejad have had chemistry playing together, but I don't like moving Lafreniere to RW in his first full training camp/regular season, and Kreider hasn't been able to successfully make the move in the past.  Zibanejad is the best center on the team and a veteran leader.  Put his shot on a line with Lafreniere's playmaking and Kakko's possession ability and want to get in front of the net for the first line and all 3 of these guys could thrive.

This leaves a 3rd line of Kreider, Chytil, and Kravstov.  Gallant said he likes Goodrow on a line with Chytil and Kravstov because he'll make sure he's talking to them and doing the right thing all game long.  Well, Kreider would obviously be able to do that as the likely captain of the team.  And, he brings more offensive ability as a first line player that won't stunt Chytil and Kravstov's offensive games.

Each line has veteran leadership, toughness, young talent, and the potential to be our top scoring line on any given night.  

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Panarin is going to be Panarin even if you put a traffic cone at RW. At some point you are going to have to get one of the kids to play top 6 minutes on that line, whether it be Kakko or Kravtsov. With all due respect to ? its not really his decision. 

Laf has already been moved back to LW, Kredier is moving to RW as I always thought he should. 

Ill give you that the third line is a bit iffy. It all comes down to which Chytil will show up this season. 

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  • Phil changed the title to These Lines Need Work
Just now, Drew a Penalty said:

You didn't bring in Goodrow to be the third guy on Panarin's line. That's just not his game at all. You want him on a checking line where he can play his game and others can follow suit. 

Goodrow will probably get spot duty in the top-six as needed, but he should absolutely be a third-line staple.

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The main thing is the size needs to be spread out.


Blais - Rooney - Reaves

That's pretty fucking blah, sorry. Yes, energy, but if you look at those specific lines, there is no threat. You'll take a few hits, keep your head up and make them play in their own end (while our undersize defense get beat up). Teams will lock down the top 2 lines.

The Rangers strength is their depth. Their offensive depth. The point of adding this grit was to have it dispersed throughout the line up - same with the offense. Sure, go with your checking 4th line, that's fine, and they dont have to play as much, but removing your big, heavy bodies from the top 9 because you're worried about someone's playing time is a bad approach. The penciled in 4th liners dont PP and not much PK time, so that will all be the top 9 guys. The time will be pretty even. If you stack the size on the bottom, it going to end up in Zibanejad playing 30 minutes a night because theyll keep going with the top 2 lines, plus PK and PP.

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This is why I think they're going to look at duos, and will interchange the spare parts as needed. Panarin-Strome-Kakko probably works. But it may not work that well against the Islanders, let's say, so you can add Goodrow to that line for that game, or for shifts. Panarin-Strome are the constant and the RW field is the variable (on that line).

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