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The UN-Official 2021 Stanley Cup Drinking Game


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Ok fellas....it's a dull day in the office today, so how about a Drinking Game for the Stanley Cup Finals?


RJ texted this one to me, so give him the credit for it....but here goes:


-Someone mentions Tampa is $17 million over the cap - Take a Drink


-Brayden Point scores a goal - Take a Drink


-Refs make a bad call - Scream at the TV and then Take a Drink


-Vegas scores a goa.....Oh wait...:rofl:


-Pierre McGuire brings up a player's college or hometown - Take a Shot


-Announcer's mention Montreal's veteran 4th line - Take a Drink


-A Maple Leafs fan comments on how this should've been them - Throw your drink at them!


-TSN posts about Cole Caufield - Submerge your phone in your drink


-Price or Vasilevskiy makes a ridiculous save - Take a Drink


-An Islanders fan says they were one win away from this - Laugh at them, and then take a Drink


-Camera shows Marc Bergevin in a red suit - Take a Drink


-Danault eats pizza during the post-game - Grab a slice of pizza then finish your Drink


-Broadcaster mentions the Habs were the 16th seed - Butt Chug!!!


Cheers fellas!!!


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