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Alexander Kerfoot and Travis Dermott

The Dude

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The Leafs need to make some expansion draft decisions. Unfortunately for them these two guys likely don't make the list of protected players.


Kerfoot is a guy that just battles. He had a good run in the playoffs. His faceoff numbers have stunk but he really hasn't been taking draws. Going into his 5th year, I think he possibly fits in that 3rd line center spot.


Dermot to me is a guy that just needs to be in a better situation. He looked so promising just a couple of years ago. Only his 4th year in the league this year.. Definitely a change of scenery guy that could play up and down the pairings if he were to get back on track. Good skating D men are always valuable. If the Rangers are looking to replace Hajek and aren't ready to roll with midgets on D, this dude should be an option.


Of course the price would be the question. I don't think it would cost more than a 3rd round pick and a mediocre prospect.


Poaching teams for their players they can't protect in the expansion draft is going to have to be a sleezy move the Rangers need to capitalize on.


Obviously I'm on board with the Greenway talk, but this is another option if that doesn't happen.

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Not a bad idea by any stretch. Rangers have an extra spot, currently, so a two-for-one deal of some kind (you'd think ELC going to TOR) could do it. Rangers were hot after Kerfoot coming out of college, too.


I'd have interest in Kerfoot more than Dermott, though.

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Hajek is bigger than Dermot.

Kerfoot is a poor man’s Strome


Not sure how these moves make them better


They could be had for almost nothing


Kerfoot actually battles, though. He's poor man's offense Strome, with way more to give physically and on a forecheck.

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Kerfoot plays with a bit more of an edge and is pretty good defensively. Not really like Strome besides being a decent passer. Stepped it up in the playoffs. Perfect 3rd liner.


Hajek seems to have fallen way out of favor and the guy who pushed to get him in the McDonagh trade has been fired. Dermot plays a little bit bigger and IMO is a really good skater. If they are moving on from Hajek, I think this kids an upgrade with a bit more potential.


The fact that they can be had for next to nothing is the point. They need depth and these guys bring a little something that is missing. We keep saying that the solution to the teams problems aren't going to be filled by one player. While these 2 aren't exactly tough, they certainly play with a bit more of an edge than what they currently have.

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