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Happy 27th Anniversary!!!


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I'm not sure it really happened, could be a hoax like landing on the moon.


That's really funny. I was wearing a Rangers jersey at Game 6 in Vancouver, so a reporter from the Vancouver Sun asked me if I'd come all the way from New York. I said, "You know how there's a lunatic fringe that thinks that the Apollo moon walks were staged in a studio? Well after 54 years, we Ranger fans are the lunatic fringe of hockey fans, so we won't believe that the Rangers actually won the Stanley Cup unless we are in the building and see it." He got the quote perfectly in the paper.


It seems like five minutes ago, in the 90 degree heat, waiting on long lines to get into MSG for Game 7, thinking OMG, it's all come to this. By contrast, OJ Simpson's murder of his wife, which was reported the day before, seems like lifetimes ago.

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Great/amazing time for all, but way to long for the next one.


God forbid the Islanders win the cup you'll start hearing 1994 !!!


Shit I hope not. I'd lose my rebuttal to my friends and their stupid "4 cups in 90 years/1 cup in 80 years" nonsense. Awesome, the Isles won 4 in a row in the early 80s, none of you were alive to see it happen. At least I actually saw my one cup in 80 years.

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In Florida here, I was asked " Since the Rangers are out of the playoffs, am I rooting for the Islanders to win the cup?" Some people just don't get it. I went to high school from 80-84 a Rangers fan living smack dab in the middle of Long Island. I took alot shit from Isles fans as you can imagine. 1994 was a truly great year.
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