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JD Returning to Columbus as President of Hockey Operations


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“I think when you go through something like that, you have a feeling something is about to happen,” Davidson, returning to the job he held for seven years before his brief two-year run on Broadway, said during a (re)introductory Zoom conference on Thursday. “I will say that Mr. Dolan and I had some conversations.


“I want to be respectful as I can to the Rangers. I don’t want to get into too many of the private discussions we had because that is really between Mr. Dolan and myself. All I can say is that the changes were made and I’m very, very happy and very fortunate to be back in Columbus.


“And I think that Jeff Gorton and myself, who are gone, when you look back at the work, that team has a chance to spring ahead very quickly,” Davidson said, referring to the general manager who was also dismissed on May 5.


“They’re in good shape. I’ll just leave it at that.



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I hate Dolan so much. It was nice not having him mettle too much with the Rangers the last few years. I'm not even that bothered by Gorton getting let go, but JD still pisses me off. He's a guy you want representing your organization. You wonder if something like that turns off some coaches or players, even though I have faith Drury can succeed. This still really grinds my gears though.
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