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Al Trautwig's Contact Not Renewed by MSG Network


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Sam Rosen next?


With Sam travelling to fewer games (last year pre-COVID) it's only a matter of time before this happens. Sam has had a good run and especially during the JD years, I enjoyed the tandem in the booth. Joe M is a good partner too and with a good listening voice so I wonder if he stays and they look for another P-B-P guy?

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Ken is my #1 for sure...would they bring Dave along too? Maloney takes no prisoners on the radio and they pretty much leave him alone to say what he wants. I'm not thinking that would fly on TV.


My choice would be Eddie O, big guy. I don't know if they'd be able to pull him from NBC though.

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Didn't Eddie O talk shit about NYR at some point though? I think there is some bad blood there and Dolan is an elephant, he won't forget.


I think you're right...he did give us the "ol' 1-2" about something a while back. I forget what it was about.

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I thought I read somewhere that it was drug related, like meth. I really hope that isn't true, but it would explain his deteriorating appearance. If that is the case, get him the help he needs.


I think that was a bad rumor because of how bad he looked.


He just looked like his body was shutting down, like he was fighting a disease and then suffered from a stroke.

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