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Lafreni?re - How to get that "?"


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Ok, so it's been pissing me off that I can't spell this kid's name correctly. Even when I copy and paste it comes up "Lafreni?re"...with that damn question mark.



The key stroke is 0233 ...on the numbers pad.



For the capital letter it's 0201 ...on the numbers pad.



NOT on the keyboard, above the letters...it won't work on those keys. Just the number pad numbers.



Ok, you can delete this one...it doesn't work on the website! Thought I had it!!! ahh well! Now I know how Mika felt after he got robbed last night!

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Weird, they used to display just fine. I'll open up a ticket with our host to see if it's something they can quickly fix.


Had that happen the other day, when I tried typing touche with the ' above. It just wouldn't display it.


Can you tell it wasn't too busy today in the office?? LOL

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