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Blackhawks Issue Letter to Fans Committing to Rebuild


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The biggest question to me is, how do you plan on doing this while holding onto vocally dissenting leaders like Toews, not to mention Kane and Keith? They're your best trade chips.


If they're truly trying to rebuild and they're not willing to trade one or more of Toews, Kane, and Keith then they're doing it very wrong.

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I hate toews, but at 8m for 3 years...

I’d hate to give up Chytil/Kravtsov/Lundkvist level prospect, but for Toews as a 2C really changes the team for the better.


Just imagine all of the intangibles in that locker room with Captain fucking Serious as 2C.

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Why didn?t the Hawks just do what the Penguins did? Kane is still one of the best players in the league. Seems like they?re cutting their careers short and wasting an enormous opportunity.
Probably noticing that the Penguins haven't been very successful doing what they're doing.
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