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Reminder: Posting Unsourced Material


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Per our Rule Book:


L. Posting Unsourced Material: Whether you heard it on the radio, read it on Twitter or anywhere else on the internet, when breaking news you must cite the source of the information. Sourced content is every bit the difference between a validated story, pure speculation and/or an outright lie, and we do not want to be known as a forum where false information spreads (or begins). Even in the event you don't have a link to the source, you still need to make note of where the information is coming from if it is not exclusive to you (as in your own work).


Posts that violate this rule will be removed. If we find ourselves deleting a lot of your posts, we reserve the right to further action which can include Warnings, Infractions and/or banning.




It's about to be silly season with reports and rumors. If you aren't going to do the extra work of linking to tweets, you still must source deals. I really don't want to be heavy-handed in dealing with this, but I've already had to remind one user twice and I've seen at least half a dozen other posts go up without sourcing the information. Please, do the bare minimum here so myself and the Staff don't have to clean up after others.


On a related note, take a moment to check your source before you post it here. Even the best of us get caught retweeting or posting a fake report. Let's do our best not to.


On behalf of myself and the Staff,


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If there's any confusion about how to properly source tweets, consult the thread on embedding tweets.


Yes, but while that's the preferred method, all I'm asking is that a link or a reference is included any time you're breaking news. Even something as simple as a prefix like "Per McKenzie/LeBrun/Friedman," or a link to the tweet itself is acceptable. We just need something tangible to point to so we (the Staff) can determine the veracity of whatever the report is.


It's especially valuable in helping to flag fake accounts like Pierre LeBrum or Boob McKenzie.

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